About Us

The Skydas Group is a wide spectrum strategic security consulting and threat management firm. The bedrock principle of our firm is founded on the premise that  exceptionally resourceful and operationally experienced people who have proven themselves in operations across the globe provide the highest level of service and confidentiality for our clients. The insights that these men and women bring to the table transcend the battlefield and apply directly to todays competitive business world.  Our staff and strategic partners are drawn from diverse yet critical security backgrounds ranging from the special operations community, law enforcement, intelligence, international protective services, financial services, international logistics, IT security and the legal field. Our threat management team has spent their careers managing risks both domestically and internationally.

Our principles were forged in some of the most challenging environments the world has to offer, Our guiding principles and operational philosophies have been battle tested, They survived the crucible of asymmetrical warfare and natural disasters. We are at our core, a business based upon the reality that violence does occur, That unforseen natural disasters do occur, That Economic upheaval and political unrest are a constant challenge to todays global economy. You are far better served being prepared for these contingencies rather than hope that things work out. “Hope is not a plan.” Hope is not nor should it ever be part of your operational philosophy.


CAGE code: 6SDP7