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Brussels bracing for a potential Nuclear event.

Brussels bracing for a potential Nuclear event.

Belgiums Tinhage Nuclear Plant

Photo” Julien Warnand/EPA

Brussels Bracing for an Attack


Belgium is preparing for the possibility that the surveillance that was undertaken by the Bakroui brothers may have been the first steps taken by ISIS for a potential nuclear attack.   A part of their solution is to issue iodine pills to all of their citizens.  This follows up the successful attack in Brussels last March.  Regular readers and followers may recall that we previously addressed the possibility of a dirty bomb in Brussels based upon the particulars of the way that the attack in Brussels was carried out in late March.  There is clear evidence and reports have now shown conclusively that ISIS terrorists in that region have taken steps to obtain a dirty bomb.


Assessing the threat


While the threat is very real, at this time we do not know how close they were to acquiring the nuclear materials needed to make dirty bomb, or the area in which the ISIS intends to target.  In all likelihood, choosing soft targets has been the calling card of ISIS as they wage a brutal terror campaign which is based on indiscriminate killing.  What we do know is that this should be viewed as a global threat to an extent, and certainly a threat when traveling through Europe.  The EU intelligence community are aware of these threats and are actively seeking to neutralize the risk before they have a chance to act.   The issuing of iodine pills to citizenry should be viewed as evidence that this is a threat that those in the counter-terrorism community in the EU are taking seriously.


Travel Safety


The risk of encountering terrorism both about and particularly abroad are ever increasing.  While no plan is perfect, having no plan at all is extremely dangerous.  Skydas Group International offers a large array of courses that can provide you with the knowledge that you need to take the precautions to reduce your risk of being a victim of an act of terrorism or being a victim of a kidnapping.  The training that you receive very well could save your life.  While common sense dictates that one should not travel to a “dangerous region”, it has become impossible in this present world climate to know where danger may lurk.  If you’re planning to travel abroad and would like to speak with someone from Skydas Group International contact us today at for more details on services we offer to keep you safe as you travel abroad.

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