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Travel Alert for JCK 2017

Travel Alert for JCK 2017



First, We wish everyone a successful show, The JCK show is one of the highlights of the jewelry industry and we understand that everyone is looking to have a great time while building and maintaining their treasured business relationships. Second, I have no first hand knowledge that an attack is imminent nor am I advocating that you not go. The best defense to these guys is simply being aware and having a ready-made emergency plan in place. With that in mind, please know that I do not take sending this alert lightly. However, There is enough open source reporting as well as a recent attack in Europe to warrant an elevated risk potential for Las Vegas and the JCK show. Having first hand experience with the methods of these guys, I believe it is prudent to put out an alert. There have been consistent reports of ISIS pushing propaganda out to their followers about attacking the Las Vegas strip. (Local and national news sources along with Jihadi websites) The propaganda coincides with the JCK show and it’s significance cannot be missed. Las Vegas along with New York and Washington DC are always prime targets by the group. Las Vegas however represents it’s own unique set of circumstances that elevates it as a terror target priority for 2 primary reasons.

1. Large groups of people are there year round as it is a vacation destination
2. It is considered the “Sin” capital of the world, a reputation whether fair or not is the perception globally

The timing of the threat in conjunction with the show should not be missed. The jewelry industry is a multi-ethnic industry, however, among its constituency are a large number of members from the Jewish faith. From a terrorist point of view, It’s the trifecta of the perfect target.
1. Hitting Americans while they are vacationing erodes the confidence in our security services

2. Striking at the heart of the ‘Great Satan’s most sinful city and

3. Targeting a significant amount of people of the Jewish faith.

Below are some of our notes from the recent Manchester attack.  You can read our analysis and three tips to help prevent an attack here ISIS has a history of launching attacks in a series and use attacks in Europe and the Middle East as a way of signaling their cells to begin taking action. Though we have no direct intelligence stating that an attack is imminent, It is prudent to review safety measures ahead of the show. Your security partners with the Las Vegas Metro PD are some of the best in the country. However they cannot be in all places at all times. Take the time to talk to them along with your private security partners. I would also recommend a meeting with the event coordinators to talk about and review any emergency procedures in the event of a mass casualty event.


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