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Home invasions and other Criminal trends for 2013

Home Invasion Robberies Up Dramatically in 2013 4 home invasion robberies by the same crew  Lyndhurst Home Invasion This year, we saw a dramatic rise in Home invasion robberies that specifically  targeted the Jewelery Industry.  In the past few years, the average for home invasion robberies was consistently  3 or 4 per year.    This […]


      I do not know the totality of the situation involving the two bombers, What I do know is that strategically it does not make a lot of sense for the Taliban or Taliban  linked elements to have carried out or to have sponsored this attack.  For all intents and purposes, things are […]

The Aftermath of Sandy hook

I had written this on December 15th, 2012. There will never be words adequate to describe the murder of so many children at Sandy Hook.  There will be extensive finger-pointing as there always are after these incidents.  I also know that I will never change the mind of someone who believes in the opposite of […]

The Death of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez’s influence was far and wide, however he left the country of Venezuela with several hurdles and potentially on the verge of collapse. Chavez used his countries oil riches to raise his political influence throughout the region by becoming the regional supplier of petroleum products not only to South and Central America but to […]

Executive close Protection, Much more than “Body Guards”

Today, many companies are turning to close protection professionals to help lower the exposure of their company’s executive staff to risk.  Historically, companies have hired close protection professionals based on a need for physical protection.   The need for the services may have materialized after an unforeseen violent event, a direct threat to the C-suite […]

The case for Counter Surveillance

With recent events, The rogue former police officer in California, The murder of a bus driver and kidnapping of a 5-year-old boy in Alabama, the murder of a District attorney in Texas and a string of home invasion robberies targeting the jewelry industry that are reported in Pennsylvania, we are reminded that criminal elements are […]