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5 Everyday Items for Impromptu Self Defense

5 Everyday Items for Impromptu Self Defense

No matter how prepared you are, there’s a chance you could face an unexpected aggressor without access to a traditional weapon. Whether you’re at the office, home, or out shopping, here are some everyday items that can make potent self-defense weapons to dissuade an attacker and buy time to get help.

In the event of having to fight back against an unexpected attacker, a pen is one of the most likely items you’re going to have on you. Which is a good thing; while a pen isn’t going to pierce through skin without some oomph behind it, it can still do a number on vitals and soft spots such as the eyes, neck, groin, or armpit. Some of these injuries can be life or eyesight threatening, the rest will hurt enough to make your attacker wish they were.

Fire Extinguisher
In every Active Shooter or Anti-Terrorism training class I sat through in the Army, the instructor made sure to note how valuable a fire extinguisher is in emergency self-defense – especially if you are in a public location such as a shopping mall, hotel, or school. A fire extinguisher is a two-factor weapon. First, it makes a suitable bludgeoning weapon thanks to its steel construction and weight. The other half comes from PASS; pull the pin and spray at an unsuspecting attacker to gain some breathing room and a chance to escape.

Ceramics and glassware can quickly become a deadly weapon when broken, especially when broken against the face of an attacker. While there’s plenty of impromptu sharp objects, glasses and mugs get special mention and some bonus points thanks to how often they’re carrying potentially scalding liquid in them. A splash of fresh coffee or tea and a strong hit to the face will easily lay out most attackers.

There’s some debate on whether keeping the keys in-between your fingers (and looking like a budget Wolverine) is valuable to self-defense. However, I chose to keep them on the list because you’re always likely to have them on your person. If your keys are your only weapon available, grip the biggest key like a knife instead of trying to punch someone with the keys. The goal here is the same as with the pen; cause pain through a puncturing motion at the sensitive spots.

Sock/Pillowcase/Handbag + Something Heavy
Remember the story of David and the Goliath? Slings are deadly weapons still in use by some cultures around the world today that work by accelerating a rock faster than can could be thrown normally. While you won’t have the ability to hit at range, you can use this same principle as a melee striking weapon by putting a heavy object in a sock, pillowcase, handbag, or similar object. Catching an unsuspecting aggressor in the face, neck, or groin with a candle or rock with the extra speed can cause serious damage.

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