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A Focus on the Aftermath

A Focus on the Aftermath

A Hot Call Goes Out…

A hot call goes out.  Maybe it’s not a hot call.  Maybe it’s just a welfare check.  In any event, suddenly you hear yourself announcing into the radio; “SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!” Your heart races.  As other officers race to the scene, you realize that the media is already staging nearby. You see EMTs looking you over, as other EMTs work to render aid to the downed suspect.

This is The Aftermath

Right now, I’m sure that your heart is racing, just contemplating this situation.  You were thoroughly trained in what to do up to that situation.  You think you made all the right moves to get here.  You saw a threat.  You gave loud verbal commands.  You did what you were trained to do.

What Now?

This moment is where most training in the past has fallen off.  You took an advanced pistol course, to help you shoot accurately and quickly.  You took Verbal Judo, to learn de-escalation techniques.  You took Force on Force training to combine the two together in realistic scenarios.  All of this training led you to pull the trigger.  You pulled the trigger and stopped the threat.  But what now?  You see a camera man from the local news surveying the scene.  The Sheriff and Chief Deputy just pulled up, and they are headed your way.  State Investigators are en-route.

Aftermath – A First of Its Kind Course

This scenario is what Aftermath was written to address.  Skydas Group International saw a training gap and wrote a first of its kind training course to fill it.  Written by subject matter experts, from Interal Affairs investigators to District Attorneys, Aftermath is designed provide you with the knowledge and skillset that you need to navigate a use of force situation after the fact.  This course is POST certified and is designed to ensure that officers not only protect themselves physically, but know how to protect themselves after the dust has cleared.  From the initial police investigation through the courtroom, this course is designed to make sure that inexperience and lack of knowledge doesn’t turn a justified use of force into a nightmare for an officer or their family.


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