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Active Shooter and Workplace violence

Active Shooter and Workplace violence

Realistic Active-Shooter Response

There is no simple answer to solving an active shooter.  A part of the solution for protecting the rights of all Americans is guaranteed to us under the 2nd amendment.   I know for many who are not 2nd amendment supporters, this sounds counterintuitive because they believe that the gun is the problem, not the underlying mental instability that almost every active shooter possesses.  I am a strong 2nd amendment supporter.  The amendment was specifically crafted to ensure that none of the other rights spelled out in our Constitution could be taken away through tyrannical governments and also the quickest remedy to defend our most fundamental right, The right to life.  All of the other remedies require long drawn out legal processes or outsourcing the protection of your life to a third party.

A Gun is Only a Tool

I am also a realist with regards to what a firearm can and cannot do.   A firearm does not have any magical powers.  It should never be construed as a status symbol and it should never be used to fill a void for one’s own perceived inadequacies.  A gun is a tool used to accomplish a specific task.  Nothing more, nothing less.   The weapon is a well-trained mind.   Personal and professional experience has shown me that active shooters and terrorists almost always chose targets that are “Gun Free” for a reason.  I’ve learned some very hard lessons from my policing career and tactical experience gained providing close protection in some of the most dangerous places on earth.

Knowing the Warning Signs

Every act of violence, whether it’s an active shooter, act of terrorism, an armed robbery or a fist fight will always have pre-incident indicators.   They always exist.  The reality is that we as Americans live in a predominately “soft” society.   This soft society is a blessing because I can think of no other place on earth that I would rather raise my kids.   It’s also a curse. The blessing is that our country through all of its troubles is remarkably stable.  Meaning that acts of violence like the most recent one in Maryland Lafayette and Chattanooga

Photo from Alex Brandon AP

are the exception and not the rule.  The blessing is that because of our freedoms which the 2nd Amendment helps guarantee provides for a remarkably “stable” country.

The Power of Situational Awareness

Because of this stability, most Americans typically no longer recognize predatory or as we call it “outlier” behavior in our fellow man.  It’s been a while since we’ve been on the menu if you catch my drift.   Unless you grew up in a violent neighborhood where criminality and predatory behavior run rampant, or served in combat where you are forced to be hyper-aware, you are simply not tuned in to the environment.  The American populace does not readily recognize when something is amiss. That unfortunately is the curse.  We will find as we have in every single mass shooting that the killers told the world what they were going to do either through direct statements, writings or through indirect means what he had in mind.  Just nobody in his immediate sphere of influence was listening or took his statements and actions seriously.

If you can spot the tell-tale signs of hostile surveillance, you can be ahead of the bad guy. You interrupt his attack cycle and quite possibly can save lives.  The implied threat of concealed guns in the hands of private citizens can act as a deterrent much as is the intent of the 2nd amendment.

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