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Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

Skydas Group had the pleasure to observe some Active Shooter training with several local entities, including the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team as well as Wellstar Hospital Security staff today.  Much was accomplished and participants left with a strong sense that after today first responders would be far more prepared to respond to a critical incident at the hospital.  Watching this training today, which covered what to do during an active shooter, brought to mind all the things that we need to do before an active shooter occurs as well.

A realistic approach to an Active Shooter

Every act of violence, whether it’s an active shooter, act of terrorism, an armed robbery or a fist fight will always have pre-incident indicators.   They always exist.  The reality is that we as Americans live in a predominately “soft” society.   This soft society is a blessing because I can think of no other place on earth that I would rather raise my kids.   It’s also a curse. The blessing is that our country through all of its troubles is remarkably stable.

Knowing The Warning Signs

Because of this stability, most Americans typically no longer recognize predatory or as we call it “outlier” behavior in our fellow man.  It’s been a while since we’ve been “on the menu”.  Unless you grew up in a violent neighborhood where criminality and predatory behavior run rampant, or served in combat where you are forced to be hyper-aware, you are simply not tuned in to the environment.  The American populace does not readily recognize when something is amiss. We will find as we have in every single mass shooting that the killers told the world what they were going to do either through direct statements, writings or through indirect means what he had in mind.  Just nobody in his immediate sphere of influence was listening or took his statements and actions seriously.  If you can spot the tell-tale signs of hostile surveillance, you can be ahead of the bad guy. You interrupt his attack cycle and quite possibly can save lives.


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