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Another French Jewelry Robbery with Millions lost….

Another French Jewelry Robbery with Millions lost….



Cartier robbery Valery Hache AFP/Getty images















Another French Jeweler robbed of Millions…..
These robberies that consistently happen in Europe have effects here. The monetary value associated with jewelry crime is broadcast across a multitude of news outlets ranging from traditional broadcast outlets and online. the net effect is that they inspire criminals to target the industry here. Smash and grabs are on the rise already.
Review your security plans. A simple guideline for you is to look at 3 categories:



What’s possible?
What’s probable?
What is more than likely to occur?


Once you have answered these three questions, you can begin crafting a sound security plan. A successful robbery is predicated on the motivation of the robber, coupled with the resources required to do the job. So to prevent from being targeted, your goal is to make them expend a lot on resources. The return on robbing a security conscience jeweler is not good at all, especially one that understands the robbery cycle and interrupting it during the surveillance phase!









When potential victims are being chosen by a robber or robbery crew, they like you make business decisions based on the likelihood of success. It’s a simple business equation: High likelihood of success with low resource expenditure due to a weak security posture equals a target for robbery. Your ability to raise their costs significantly contribute to whether you are chosen as the victim of a robbery or they go look for an easier mark.

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