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What unspoken message are you sending?

An organized robbery crew targeted a jewelry store in Virginia.   The thieves used an adjacent business that was not occupied to gain entry into the store and they busted through the drywall to gain entry.   Once inside they successfully disabled the alarm system which allowed them time to cut into the safe without any fear […]

How Social Media can put you at risk

The embedded story below is of a robbery of a Baltimore jewelry store that occurred in January of 2013. The origins of the plot began in November of 2012. This was right around the time when we started tracking a transition in the methods used by criminals who were committing jewelry crime. In the news […]

Why our methods work: A success story.

I want to give you a “success” story involving one of our Jewelry store clients who had taken our 1 day course. The members of Lances Jewelry had taken the Secure daily operations course back in April of 2014. The jewelry store is owned by a partnership between a brother and sister. There was a […]

Don’t be that guy

      Allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement is the fastest way to place your client in physical harm and a direct path to the unemployment line.  There are two fundamental principles in close protection. Protect the clients from physical harm and protect the client’s reputation.  Both are as equally as important and […]

Use of Firearms by Jewelers

 There have been two notable stories in which a jeweler has used a firearm to defend themselves during an armed robbery.  The robberies in Michigan and In California at Antioch Jewelers, (See link below)  a robber was killed and one of the store’s customer was shot during the crossfire.  The jeweler will not likely face […]

Thoughts on ISIS, ISIL et al.

  These guys have been on the front pages now because of their penchant of killing indiscriminately and without mercy.  Beheading 2 unarmed American journalists does not necessarily demonstrate military prowess, but elevates their stature in militant jihadi folklore.   Al Qaeda is a still an extremely dangerous enemy, However ISIS has superseded them due […]

Home invasions and other Criminal trends for 2013

Home Invasion Robberies Up Dramatically in 2013 4 home invasion robberies by the same crew  Lyndhurst Home Invasion This year, we saw a dramatic rise in Home invasion robberies that specifically  targeted the Jewelery Industry.  In the past few years, the average for home invasion robberies was consistently  3 or 4 per year.    This […]