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Brussels airport was a rushed attack.

Brussels airport was a rushed attack.


“We had speculated that the #brusselsattack at the airport was a rushed operation. Now it appears that the outline for what may have been the terror cells long term goal could have been revealed.   The cells  “el Bakrauoi brothers had surveilled a nuclear official including planting surveillance cameras at his home.   Now we have learned that one of the cell members worked at the EU parliament building.  A classic example of an #insiderthreat . He no doubt was collecting and passing along actionable  intelligence for the cells future use.   Belgian security officials  have already revoked 11 security passes to their #nuclear facilities and will be re evaluating the security for parliement going forward.  Some form of nuclear attack has long been a strategic goal of ISIS.  Detonating a dirty bomb at the European Unions headquarters would have been a catastrophic attack that would have crippled the #EU.”


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    […] March.  Regular readers and followers may recall that we previously addressed the possibility of a dirty bomb in Brussels based upon the particulars of the way that the attack in Brussels was carrie…  Their is clear evidence and reports have now shown conclusively that ISIS terrorists in that […]

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