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Leaks from the oval office and the impact on foreign policy.

Quite possibly, there may be members of the White House staff who believe that the only way to get President Trump's attention and change his behavior is to get their agenda on the news. The president is known to be a voracious consumer of the "News" and his opinions are thusly shaped by the perception of how he is covered. This leak may be a manifestation of this. Unnamed sources within the White House or the Intelligence community that the WaPo is citing are alleging that the President jeopardized national security.

Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training at Skydas Check here for our upcoming training for Law Enforcement and the Private sector.   Here you will find advanced training on subjects such as counter terrorism, travel safety, firearms and officer survival training for law enforcement.  These courses are priced affordably to allow personnel and agencies the opportunity to avoid the fines paperwork and […]

Advanced Patrol Rifle at Skydas Group

Advanced Patrol Rifle 2 Days Officers attending this course will maximize their ability to engage hostile targets with their patrol rifle and optic well beyond the normal engagement range for police officers. Skills taught include: Advanced carbine marksmanship, Optics overview and recommendations, Choosing an observation / firing position, Planning considerations, and Training programs for maintaining […]

Active Shooter and Workplace violence

Realistic Active-Shooter Response There is no simple answer to solving an active shooter.  A part of the solution for protecting the rights of all Americans is guaranteed to us under the 2nd amendment.   I know for many who are not 2nd amendment supporters, this sounds counterintuitive because they believe that the gun is the […]

The Aftermath of Sandy hook

I had written this on December 15th, 2012. There will never be words adequate to describe the murder of so many children at Sandy Hook.  There will be extensive finger-pointing as there always are after these incidents.  I also know that I will never change the mind of someone who believes in the opposite of […]