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Home invasions and other Criminal trends for 2013

Home invasions and other Criminal trends for 2013

Home Invasion Robberies Up Dramatically in 2013

4 home invasion robberies by the same crew 

Lyndhurst Home Invasion

This year, we saw a dramatic rise in Home invasion robberies that specifically  targeted the Jewelery Industry.  In the past few years, the average for home invasion robberies was consistently  3 or 4 per year.    This year, 10 have been reported so far.  There are several factors that have influenced this rise in off premise attacks.  As jewelry professionals undertook certain measures to keep from being targeted on the road,  organized criminal gangs adjusted their tactics to match,  After all, the organized criminal groups are  in the “Jewelry Robbing business” just as you are in the Jewelry retail business.  Each of you change your sales pitch or develop product lines to match the current trends within the industry, The organized criminal gangs also adjust their tactics to rob jewelers.  The key to lowering your exposure to these and other criminal elements is understanding that for criminals, its a simple business proposition, the cost to benefit ratio has to be acceptable for them to target YOU!    Once you understand this key principle and it’s underlying business dynamics, you can craft prevention strategies that will drastically lower your risks!  If you raise the cost of doing business, The bad guys are going to move on and go  somewhere else.  I have researched many of the Home invasions that have occurred this year.   I have also talked to some of those who were targeted while they attended our training seminars after they were robbed.  From this research, I was able to glean some insights.  In some of the cases, the home invasions appear to be the work of criminals who capitalized on the prominent online presence of the jeweler  who did not have the security posture to match.  Almost every robbery can be prevented.  It’s not a matter of  the “luck of the Draw”  or  “Fate”, it is the perception that you the jeweler present to the criminals.  If your business is personality driven, meaning your name is the “marquee” brand of the business, make sure that you take adequate steps to safeguard your personal information and that your staff does the same.  The inside of your store should also provide a  secure shopping environment that showcases the beauty of your jewelry and does not interfere with a “Positive Customer Experience.”  Review your surveillance systems and make sure that they are effective and not just for show.  The bad guys know the difference.   Make sure that your routines do not put you at risk and talk to your fellow co workers and family.   Let them know the realistic risks of the business.  You can not expect someone to alter some of their behavior unless they understand the reasoning behind it.   Finally of course, Get some training!

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