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ISIS – 5 Things you need to know

ISIS – 5 Things you need to know

5) ISIS Recruitment

ISIS recruitment has been a worldwide phenomenon.  It is believed that between 27K and 31K people have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join extremist groups, with the largest number of those going to ISIS.  While the largest majority of fighters are still from the Middle East, the top 5 countries that ISIS recruits from are:

5. Jordan (2,000)

4. Turkey (2100)

3. Russia (2400)

4 Saudi Arabia (2500)

5 Tunisia (6000)

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3) Mounting Pressure

One positive seen recently is rising pressure against ISIS, particularly in Syria.  In Syria and Iraq, ISIS is presently being fought by

  1. The Syrian regime
  2. Iraqi forces
  3. Shi’a militia groups
  4. Kurdish forces
  5. Sunni opposition groups
  6. Rival Sunni groups.

4) Worldwide Ambition

One of the things that separates ISIS from most other extremist groups is their desire to spread.  Nations that ISIS has shown intent to attack or has attacked include

  1. Russia
  2. France
  3. Belgium
  4. Istanbul
  5. United States

2) A Modern Social Media Existence

ISIS is considered to be extremely active online, particularly in the realm of social media.  The ability to use social media as a recruiting platform has allowed ISIS to ensure that they are supported by an ever growing number of foreign fighters.

1) ISIS Has Been Exploited Repeatedly By Hackers

As successful as ISiS has been at online recruitment, their attempts at hacking and cyber attacks have failed miserably.  ISIS media pages and social media accounts have been attacked and defaced numerous times.  Intelligence reports show that ISIS has intent to initiate cyber attacks on infrastructure targets, but they have failed to successfully accomplish it.

Also noteworthy is that when hackers do manage to successfully hack an ISIS target, the results are typically hardly devastating and quite often the ISIS generated reports of the damages are exaggerated.


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