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[WATCH – VIDEO] Multiple SWAT Officers Shot in AZ Raid

[WATCH – VIDEO] Multiple SWAT Officers Shot in AZ Raid


Kingman AZ – Two SWAT officers were shot in a raid in Kingman AZ this past week.

According to sources, police were at the home of Jeffery Clair Cave to execute a warrant for stolen property.

After a gunfight, which you will see below, Jeffery Clair Cave was dead.  The two officers shot, LT James Brice and Detective Dennis Gilbert, are expected to fully recover.  LT James Brice was not injured as his gear stopped the round.  Detective Dennis Gilbert was in serious but stable condition.

This footage displays how quickly things can turn violent.  Notice that Jeffery Cave had his hands down and still managed to injure multiple officers.   Violence happens fast, in the real world it doesn’t happen in slow motion.

(It’s also important to remember that it’s very likely that body armor is the reason these officers walked away.  Wear your armor.)




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