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Planning summer travel? Here’s where not to go

Planning summer travel? Here’s where not to go

Planning summer travel? Here’s where not to go

Traveling overseas is one of the most rewarding perks to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Unfortunately, politics and global events don’t always act according to your travel plans. These problems compound once you’re a recognizable face, where unwanted publicity could encourage local crime groups to make a move. Here are a few tips to consider before making your summer plans so you can avoid spending time worrying and focus on relaxing.

Avoid places with strained diplomatic relations between your country and your destination. For Americans, this means reconsidering your travel plans if you’re going to places such as Russia or Cuba. When diplomatic staff is cut down, traveler services may take longer, and there is less information available about potential threats, especially in an ongoing emergency. Your country’s embassy in your destination will be able to provide you with any safety information you need. If your country doesn’t have an embassy in your destination, it might be time to reconsider your vacation.

Reconsider travel to locations that share a border with areas in conflict. Although the situation is quickly getting better, travel to Turkey is still not recommended due to the internal struggles and the risk of terrorism bleeding over from neighboring Syria. If you’re dead set on a Black Sea experience, Constanza, Romania is a great alternative, with access to Bucharest by train and flight.  

Lastly, Central and South American countries can vary greatly in safety. Instead of Mexico, Venezuela or Colombia, countries such as Argentina and Costa Rica carry significantly less risk while offering breath-taking views and a taste of two very different South American cultures.

Turbulent international times don’t necessarily mean having to stay home for the summer holidays. The key is trusting your instincts, doing some research, and, when all else fails, maybe find an island resort in Mauritius or Majorca to let it all blow over.

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