Employees who travel on behalf of their company face far more dangers than their counterparts who remain at the corporate office. Corporate entities who routinely send staff into the field often do not begin developing a comprehensive travel planning and risk management capability until after an incident occurs. This approach can have a direct impact on your reputation and your financial standings. At the Skydas Group, We can partner with your Corporate Travel manager and we offer a total solution which will enable you to deploy your staff with the knowledge that they are far better prepared to deal with the unexpected through our comprehensive travel seminars or by having a travel safety consultant accompany your team. Your company can not be held responsible for actions that require an emergency evacuation plan, however you can count on being held responsible for how you respond. Our services will allow you to focus on building your business ties and expanding your market while we manage the risks that are inherent with international travel.

Let our Risk Consultants provide a country-specific brief OR travel with you!

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