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Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training at Skydas Check here for our upcoming training for Law Enforcement and the Private sector.   Here you will find advanced training on subjects such as counter terrorism, travel safety, firearms and officer survival training for law enforcement.  These courses are priced affordably to allow personnel and agencies the opportunity to avoid the fines paperwork and […]

Active Shooter and Workplace violence

Realistic Active-Shooter Response There is no simple answer to solving an active shooter.  A part of the solution for protecting the rights of all Americans is guaranteed to us under the 2nd amendment.   I know for many who are not 2nd amendment supporters, this sounds counterintuitive because they believe that the gun is the […]

ISIS has evolved from a regional threat to a global menace

Three coordinated attacks in 3 geographic regions marks a a very sinister moment in the evolution of the Ultra-islamist group ISIS.  Their previous terror attacks were “one-of” events that were isolated in nature and carried out by “lone wolves” who were inspired by the extremist ideology of their exceptionally effective militant jihadist web forums.   […]

Executive close Protection, Much more than “Body Guards”

Today, many companies are turning to close protection professionals to help lower the exposure of their company’s executive staff to risk.  Historically, companies have hired close protection professionals based on a need for physical protection.   The need for the services may have materialized after an unforeseen violent event, a direct threat to the C-suite […]