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Thoughts on ISIS, ISIL et al.

Thoughts on ISIS, ISIL et al.


These guys have been on the front pages now because of their penchant of killing indiscriminately and without mercy.  Beheading 2 unarmed American journalists does not necessarily demonstrate military prowess, but elevates their stature in militant jihadi folklore.   Al Qaeda is a still an extremely dangerous enemy, However ISIS has superseded them due in part of a slick media campaign and an expert use of social media, The conduit to attracting this generations youth.   We have further emboldened the terror network  since we have not as of yet made any type of coordinated and effective response to the killing of our citizens further elevating their position.  We have given the appearance that our leadership is unprepared to act (In that part of the world translates directly to fear and cowardice)  and has no plan on how to solve the ISIS threat.

ISIS is where they are at because they have been emboldened by strategic victories over poorly defended cities and little or no resistance from the West.  They have rampaged against unarmed civilians in Iraq and in parts of Syria.   Brutally killing unarmed civilians and incompetent security forces (That’s another topic entirely) does not necessarily mean that the organization is a sound fighting force.  The barbarism that they have displayed and continue to display  is part of a carefully cultivated Psy-op campaign designed to frighten and overwhelm their next series of strategic targets.   The net result is they appear to be much more than they are, This tactic has served them exceptionally well.   The ISIS Iraqi campaign has given them first world Military equipment ( What we gave to the Iraqi’s) and the financial means to support ongoing operations…Much like a well “Primed Pump”

(Edited on Jan 13th)

The leadership of the military wing of ISIS who crafted this strategy have shown some long-term strategic vision and that they are quite adept at planning tactical operations. They have shown some decent logistical capabilities in executing large body movements. The initial surge into Iraq or more accurately return back to Iraq from operations in Syria required a good bit of planning, and logistical support.  In order to accomplish this task, there had to have been some pre-planning and coordination with refueling elements, armed groups to assist in suppressing Iraqi checkpoints well ahead of the main body.  We have seen similar insurgencies throughout history in which evil men with charismatic personalities draw operationally competent tacticians to lead low skilled and easily influenced young men. Hitler, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara immediately come to mind.  Whether ISIS evolves and establishes the Caliphate like Nazism and Hitler did with Germany remains to be seen.   This depends on the immediate actions that we and our partners in the region take.  If Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is successful and is allowed to establish a caliphate,  the global impact will be catastrophic.  This outcome would plunge the world into global chaos and would more than likely lead to global conflict.  ISIS and Baghdadi in its current state is a virulently violent offshoot of Al Qaeda that has taken a page out of Che Guevara’s play book.   Guevara was also a blood thirsty killer who trafficked in revolution to gratify his barbaric nature.  He used extreme violence as a tactic as he traveled fomenting revolution throughout South America.   The only bit of good news is that ISIS is more or less pinned down and does not realize it, meaning that they are “fixed” at a given geographical location.  If we act now and we act decisively, we can make sure ISIS meets the same fate as Che.

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