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When do Companies Need to Hire Private Security for Employees Traveling Abroad?

When do Companies Need to Hire Private Security for Employees Traveling Abroad?

Traveling outside the country for work can be an exciting perk of the job that often involves traveling outside of comfort zones. Traveling in the modern era is usually a safe experience depending on the destination and, in most usual cases, the only security needed will be accomplished at the airport. However, there are times where, either through the unusual nature of the job or conditions at the destination, your company will need to hire security to ensure the safety of their employees. From passport acquisition to handling all the headaches associated with traveling, Skydas provides door to door service with every precaution taken.

High-Risk Destinations

This is the simplest and most common reason that companies should hire security. While the most common business destinations are largely safe, conducting business in certain parts of the world come with significant risk of kidnapping, crime, murder, or terrorism. It’s impossible to list all the places right here, but trust in your country’s state department or destination embassy for information on potential threats. Discovering anything above low-risk should at least conclude with a conversation of whether private security would be prudent.

High-Profile Individuals

Another factor to consider is the person traveling. You know if you’re at risk of being discovered/known while outside the country, and if you’re likely to draw anything other than a cursory glance from passersby than there’s a good chance that pre-travel preparations should include figuring out security. Additionally, while your company may have their own security, contracting additional security familiar with the local terrain can work in tandem with your own embedded assets.

Your Business is Disrupting Some Status Quo

Maybe your business is hoping to open a new hotel on a controversial natural area. Perhaps your business is unknowingly interfering with local organized crime laundering scheme. There could even be some religious or ideological controversy surrounding your work. Countless different reasons exist that could have implications beyond what your organization is hoping to accomplish. Make sure to accurately consider second and third order effects of your company’s work abroad and, if there is any doubt of safety, that you start consulting with international or local security representatives.

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