The Manchester suicide bombing: What it means and what you can do

    ISIS is claiming that they carried out the terror attack at the end of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. So far, the police say that 22 are confirmed dead and this death toll could rise,   Putting together a suicide vest shows a fairly...
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Leaks from the oval office and the impact on foreign policy.

Quite possibly, there may be members of the White House staff who believe that the only way to get President Trump’s attention and change his behavior is to get their agenda on the news. The president is known to be a voracious consumer of the “News” and his opinions are thusly shaped by the perception of how he is covered. This leak may be a manifestation of this. Unnamed sources within the White House or the Intelligence community that the WaPo is citing are alleging that the President jeopardized national security.

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ISIS is showing signs of a Long Game Strategy

  The latest attack in Paris shows that ISIS has a long game in mind.  The immediate ramifications for law-enforcement personnel in the US is that ISIS and Al Queda often use these attacks as a way of directing their followers to their targeting preferences.  The...
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Upcoming Training

  Upcoming Training at Skydas Check here for our upcoming training for Law Enforcement and the Private sector.   Here you will find advanced training on subjects such as counter terrorism, travel safety, firearms and officer survival training for law enforcement....
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Advanced Patrol Rifle at Skydas Group

Advanced Patrol Rifle 2 Days Officers attending this course will maximize their ability to engage hostile targets with their patrol rifle and optic well beyond the normal engagement range for police officers. Skills taught include: Advanced carbine marksmanship,...
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Is Russia Preparing for a Proxy War In Syria?

News outlets are reporting that Syria has deployed an “advanced anti-missile system” in Syria, according to US Officials. Specifically, what the Russians are moving into Syria is the SA-23 Gladiator anti-missile and anti-aircraft system, which is designed to have a...
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The Kim Kardashian Robbery and Lessons to be Learned

Kim Kardashian Robbed of $10M worth of Jewlery In the overnight hours, television and media superstar Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris.  Initial reports indicate that the robbers were able to take nearly $10M worth of jewelry from Kim Kardashian.   Sources in Paris...
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[WATCH – VIDEO] Multiple SWAT Officers Shot in AZ Raid

Kingman AZ - Two SWAT officers were shot in a raid in Kingman AZ this past week. According to sources, police were at the home of Jeffery Clair Cave to execute a warrant for stolen property. After a gunfight, which you will see below, Jeffery Clair Cave was dead.  The...
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A Focus on the Aftermath

A Hot Call Goes Out… A hot call goes out.  Maybe it’s not a hot call.  Maybe it’s just a welfare check.  In any event, suddenly you hear yourself announcing into the radio; “SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!” Your heart races.  As other officers race to the scene, you realize...
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Active Shooter Training

Skydas Group had the pleasure to observe some Active Shooter training with several local entities, including the Paulding County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team as well as Wellstar Hospital Security staff today.  Much was accomplished and participants left with a strong...
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